Todd Martin previews the 2018 Laver Cup.

The 2017 Laver Cup went to the wire with Roger Federer beating Nick Kyrgios in the decider.

The new concept, likened to the Ryder Cup, received rave reviews from fans with both Federer and Rafael Nadal teaming up for a rare doubles match.

There is no Nadal this year for Team Europe, but Djokovic will make his debut this weekend and will partner Federer tonight.

Team Europe have the clear advantage in terms of overall rankings but last year saw John Isner cause a major upset against Nadal, proving anything could be possible.

However, Martin believes Team World will need to pull something out of the bag on the final day in order to cause an upset.

“Sunday will matter, that’s the easiest thing to say because Sunday has to matter with the point breakdown,” Martin told Express Sport.

“I still think Europe is the odds-on favourite and I’d be surprised if they got to Sunday and it didn’t require something really special out of the World team.

“Depending on how the match-ups fall, there are some favourable match-ups.

“That’s the beauty of the game, player A can dominate player B, player B can dominate player C and player C can dominate player A.

“That is all based on how individuals match up with each other and I think that’s something that remains to be seen when you’ve got six players per team.”

Speaking about why he believes the Laver Cup will prove to be such a success for years to come, Martin said the concept will help to consistently draw fans in.

“I think probably the fact the 11 other players are really, really good and I think the event’s foundation is a legend of the game or legends of the game,” he said.

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