The Wimbledon Finals has been the event to watch for incredible athleticism and stunning victories. So with this being said, we’ve compiled ten of the greatest moments to come from this event that dropped jaws – and made headlines – in Wimbledon history.

10. The First Wimbledon Final in the Open Era

1968 Wimbledon Final

“The Rocket” Rod Laver defeated Tony Roche 6–3, 6–4, 6–2 at Wimbledon in a final lasting less than an hour.

1968 Wimbledon Final

1968 Men’s WImbledon Final: R.G. Laver VS A.D. Roche (Source: Rolex Wimbledon Golden Moments)

9. Boris Becker’s Teenage Win –

1985 Wimbledon Final

Boris Becker may have been old enough to drive, but he wasn’t old enough to buy tabaco. However, this didn’t hinder his Wildcard Wimbledon win at seventeen years of age. Eventually becoming coach to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, his win made him the youngest Grad Slam champion in history.

Boris Becker: The ultimate Wimbledon wildcard - #YoungBecker

Boris Becker: The ultimate Wimbledon wildcard – #YoungBecker (Source: #SharetheMoment)

8. Steffi Graf’s Comeback –

1993 Wimbledon Final

1993 was a big year for Steffi Graf, being relatively unfortunate for Jana Novotná as she thought the same thing. Steffi Graf’s comeback won her the Women’s Title, but – in true sportsmanship – Jana Novotná was consoled by the Duchess of Kent in assurance that she would one day win.

Steffi Graf vs Jana Novotna - Wimbledon 1993

1993 Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Final – Steffi Graf vs Jana Novotna.

7. Agassi/Sampras Wimbledon Finals –

1999 Wimbledon Final

Two of the biggest tennis superstars competed in one of the most memorable matches in 1999. With Sampras edging out Agassi for the win, their match is considered one of the best match-ups of all time.

6. Sharapova/Williams Rivalry –

2004 Wimbledon Final

Serena Williams (other half of the wildly popular Williams twins) had a battle of wits and skill with none other than Maria Sharapova for the Women’s Title. With Maria edging out over Williams, Maria ended up on top at the young age of seventeen.

5. Longest Match –

2010 Wimbledon Final

In a true battle of stamina and wits, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s 2010 match clocked in at just over eleven hours. With both relentlessly trying to break the other’s serve, this match carried on for over three days. Isner eventually pulled out ahead, but the effort of both parties kept fans on the edge of their seats the entire time.

4. Nadal versus Federer –

2008 Wimbledon Final

With a rain interruptions and being lauded as one of the greatest Wimbledon matches, Nadal versus Federer was an epic match between two dynamic athletes in 2008. Nadal not only won the match, but he also broke Federer’s five title run.

3. Andy Roddick’s Personal Favorite vs Federer at his Peak –

2009 Wimbledon Final

2009 match-up between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer has been mentioned as Andy’s favorite and most memorable match in his ATP career. Federer defeated Roddick to become the first man to win 15 grand slams.

2. Record Breaking Win –

2013 Wimbledon Final

As many win at the Wimbledon Finals, a select few make history in the process. Andy Murray not only won, but he also became the first British man to win in over seventy years. Accomplishing his dream, many wonder if Mr. Murray has another championship up his sleeve.

Oldest Tennis Players

Andy Murray reacts before the trophy presentation after defeating Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon. (Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press)

1. Four Grand Slams In A Year –

1988 Wimbledon

One Grand Slam win would be enough for the average tennis player, but apparently Steffi Graf never got the memo. The only athlete today that could possibly top her feat is Serena Williams, but it should be noted that Steffi retired at thirty. Graf’s legacy will continue to live on, yet one can only wonder what was possible if she remained in the game.

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(Featured image of Nadal at Wimbledon 2008 in memory of Award winning AP photographer, Anja Niedringhaus.)

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