Every tennis fan knows that Wimbledon is the big show. Unfortunately for that very same reason, Wimbledon tickets are very hard to come by. The method touted by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club itself is the ballot.  In order to successfully get tickets this way, one would have to register in the fall, wait several months, and then receive a random amount of tickets to a random day at Wimbledon IF they are granted any ticket at all!  Apparently, the success rate for this method of ticket lottery system is roughly 10%.  The tickets are non-refundable, and if you try to sell them on eBay and Wimbledon finds out?  Well, they’ll void the tickets immediately.

Wimbledon Tickets

The other famed method of securing Wimbledon tickets is the the queue.  Here, countless fans line up in the wee hours of the morning to secure tickets for that day. Depending on when you get there, a corresponding ticket is assigned (usually just a grounds pass restricted from the major courts).  The best way to secure decent tickets is to literally spend the entire night in line, but even then it’s up to chance…  Oh, and they stop this offering for the last few days of the tournament, so all the final and semi-final matches are off limits.  Perhaps this queuing method would be fun to try out one time but I do worry over the fact that I’d likely be exhausted upon entry to the grounds.  Don’t these ways of reserving tickets seem rather strange and at least a little bit antiquated?  They are.  Fortunately, there is a better way.

Overnight Wimbledon Queue Starts here

Championship Tennis Tours (CTT) is the leading seller of Wimbledon debenture tickets since 1987, helping them reach Majors like Wimbledon with confidence, ease, and a full night’s sleep before the action!  We guarantee your seats and entry, ensuring that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime at tennis’ greatest event.  Here are some of the ticket options available:

The Tickets

FedererCTT provides tickets for show courts such as Centre Court and Court 1, the two most prestigious stadiums at Wimbledon. Top players are usually scheduled to compete in these main attractions, making these seats the most valuable. Also note that such offerings provide you with access to the Debenture Seat Holders Lounge or On Site VIP hospitality, further enhancing your day! Another important note is that while these tickets provide a seat at these show courts, you’ll have the ability to wander the grounds and attend matches at the first-come, first-serve seated outside Courts 3-19. It’s key to get tickets in advance, especially for the last four days when the queuing option is discontinued.

Wimbledon Packages

The Gatsby Club - Wimbledon Experience

The Gatsby Club - Wimbledon ExperienceComplete packages simplify your entire trip organization and planning, including various hotel accommodations and day trip excursions alongside your tickets. You get a great value by combining the various aspects of your Wimbledon trip at one location, CTT. Ticket packages are available for each day of the tournament, including the final matches. This is by far the easiest way to plan your entire trip to England and Wimbledon.

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Avoid Touts

While scalpers and touts sometimes offer desperate people a means of getting tickets on the day of the event, scammers are everywhere trying to make a quick pound by distributing fake tickets. Don’t fall prey to this tourist trap! Get your tickets taken care of well in advance through CTT, where tennis tickets are guaranteed!


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