While taking in the amazing tennis at the Roland Garros is sure to be a major part of any French Open experience, Paris is a world-renowned city that brings in millions of tourists each year with its elegant culture and romantic beauty alone. Seeing the many sites is a must for any traveller in France. But amongst the true masterpieces of French civilization are also a bunch of less attractive tourist traps that lay interspersed, hoping to lure first time visitors in for a quick buck. But never fear, here are some of the highlights of France that you should definitely add to your French Open travel itinerary:

Monet’s Garden – About an hour’s drive west of the city lies one of France’s most serene locations. In Giverny, the famous French artist Claude Monet bought a house and erected a pleasant garden, setting the inspiration for many of his incredible paintings. For anyone with an artist’s inclination this is a mandatory stop and makes for a delightful day trip.


Monet’s garden is as colorful as it is charming (Photo Credit: © Tom Flemming)

Euro Disney – For fans of Mickey Mouse, Paris also offers the most visited theme park in all of Europe. A delight for children and adults alike, Euro Disney boasts classic rides like Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, and Big Thunder Mountain.   With European flair and the bubbly fun of Disney, this park is an absolute joy.


“The Place Where Dreams Come True” © Euro Disney

Seine River Cruise – Paris may not be a coastal beach town, but with the Seine River cutting right through its heart, seeing the city from a boat is among tourists’ favorite activities. Since the city developed around this river, many of its famous historic landmarks are within view of such a boat tour.


Paris viewed from the Seine River. The Eiffel Tower stands in the background (Photo Credit: © Stefan KI)

Guided Walking Tours – With different companies and route lengths catering to individual’s desires, a guided tour of Paris on foot is a splendid way to see the city for those more athletically inclined. Covering many of the iconic landmarks, simply walking amidst the city and breathing in all the history and culture can be quite breathtaking.


You can’t visit Paris without visiting The Louvre Musuem!

Day Trip to Versailles – Though France’s royal family only lived in this marvelous palace for 100 years before the French Revolution, the estate remains as one of the nation’s most beautiful and highly visited locations. For anyone wishing to get a glimpse into the lives of 17th century kings and queens, this is the place to see.


The Palace at Versailles (Photo Credit: © Guillaume Maciel)

Eiffel Tower – Of course no French trip is complete without taking in the Eiffel Tower, which remains the shining beacon of France and Paris, ever since its construction for the 1889 World’s Fair. During the French Open, matches are actually displayed by the tower, giving you an exquisite place to watch the matches if you haven’t got a ticket!


The icon of Paris – Eiffel Tower (Photo Credit: © João Caeiro, Demotix)

Notre Dame Cathedral – One of the world’s most famous Gothic cathedrals, this architectural masterpiece was completed in 1345 and took over 200 years to build! Incredibly it still stands proudly today after renovations and preservation. Another great reason to see this site is its free admission. A climb up its towers runs just $10.


Notre Dame Cathedral (Photo Credit: © Spencer Means)

Carnavalet Museum – For history enthusiasts, this museum is dedicated to retelling the fantastic story of Paris, ranging from Medieval times, to the Revolution days, and all the way through present day. The permanent collections are open to the public for free!


A genuine Parisian museum with free admission! (Photo Credit: © Spencer Means)

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