For several months at the end of each year, the professional tennis circuit takes a break. Through November and December, the players finally get a moment to relax and rehab the various injuries and ailments they will have accumulated during the previous year. But all the action gets going again rather quickly in January, with the Australian Open marking a first Grand Slam very early in the year. Because of how soon into the season this tournament is played, surprises are often the norm.


Melbourne, Australia – (Photo Credit: © Robert Michalski)

Many people love to escape to Australia during January because the heat of the summer is well and truly on, an extreme opposite from the brutal winters many are experiencing in America and Europe.

But the Australian Open typically marks a change for the players as well. With many coming off of extended breaks and with just a couple small warm up tournaments held beforehand, the event really kicks of the tennis season.

Due to this it is also a brutal showdown where upsets run rampant. In 2014, the eventual winners were Stanislas Wawrinka and Li Na, not the top seeded stars like Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams. Players are also hampered by surprising injuries. With players returning to the action so quickly, many times their bodies haven’t been adequately prepared for the high-intensity matches, or they’re still recovering from maladies sustained the previous year.


Anything can happen inside the Rod Laver Arena – (Photo Credit: © Jon Whimpey)

But any way you put it, the Australian Open is sure to full of surprises and drama. With the players just getting back into the feel of the game, making predictions is a massive challenge. Out in the Land Down Under, anything is possible, and that’s just one reason why you should certainly find your way to this enticing Grand Slam tournament.

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