Each year in professional tennis there are 4 tournaments above all others; the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open all lead the sport in prize money and prestige. But after 3 of these tournaments have come and gone, the US Open remains in sight, a last opportunity for every pro tennis player to make their statement and win the final Grand Slam of the year!


The US Open – (Photo Credit: © Raja Sambasivan)

This adds a whole new level of prestige and drama to the event. Whoever wins the US Open gets the added bonus of owning bragging rights for having won the most recent major tournament for several months, as the Australian Open won’t commence until January of next year. This makes the tournament extremely competitive and hard fought!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rogen at US Open

Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rogen attend the 2013 US Open Championships.

While each of the other events simply flow into one another, leaving little time for jubilation and celebration, the US Open has this feeling of finality, as the sport doesn’t resume in center stage for nearly 5 months. Sure, there are the ATP World Tour Finals and the WTA Tour Championships, which are prestigious tournaments featuring the top 8 men and women from the course of the entire year, but those competitions don’t carry the same weight as a Grand Slam.


Serena Williams would love to conquer the US Open this year! – (Photo Credit: © Marianne Bevis)

The US Open is the last chance anyone will have to win a major title for quite some time, and with most tennis stars having not one a single major each year, they come to New York City and the Billie Jean Tennis Center with a hint of desperation. Whether they be veterans or newcomers looking to make their mark, the players at the US Open each have a burning desire to win, making this tournament the most exciting one around. Check out Championship Tennis Tours for ticket deals and complete packages to the US Open this year!

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