Milos Raonic is a tennis player that is really beginning to come into his own in 2014. After battling throughout the earlier rounds of Grand Slam tournaments, he has finally taken the necessary steps needed to reach the later stages this year. In the French Open he reached the quarterfinals, and in Wimbledon he went all the way to the semifinals before bowing out to Roger Federer. With the US Open on the horizon, it would only seem fitting that a finals appearance would come next…


Milos Raonic is poised to conquer world tennis! – (Photo Credit: © Mirsasha)

Raonic has been the most successful male Canadian tennis player in nearly a century! At just 23 years of age, he possesses one of the finest serves of any man and has already earned professional victories over stars like Andy Murray and Juan del Potro. What he needs now is to beat someone like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic to truly crack into the top echelon of the sport and become a tennis superstar!

The tricky thing for him is that both those aforementioned players are in their prime and are some of the best the world has ever seen. In previous generations, Raonic may had already earned a Grand Slam title, but this extremely competitive period is making his major breakthrough hard to find. But with the US Open in New York City being held nearby his hometown in Ontario, Canada, Milos Raonic might just find the support he needs to finally claim a major title in tennis! Currently ranked 6th in the world and playing the best tennis of his life, Roanic seems poised to make his breakthrough at some point in the near future. Will the 2014 US Open provide his magical moment? Check out Championship Tennis Tours US Open Interactive Seating Map to secure your center court seats for a chance to watch this budding tennis star at Arthur Ashe Stadium!

Milos - Future of Tennis

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Nicholas Spiller

Nicholas Spiller

Nicholas Spiller has enjoyed the sport of tennis for many years.An enthusiast who covers all major sports, he finds tennis to be one of the most pleasant and inspirational games around to watch. He also spends his time as a musician in Los Angeles.
Nicholas Spiller

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