While many tennis fans may be worried over the high costs of attending a prestigious grand slam event like the US Open, the fact remains that early round play and grounds passes can help get you into the Billie Jean Tennis Center at a very reasonable rate.  The good news is that no matter how much you are ready to pay for US Open tickets, there is a great option available for you!  Here is a general guide for the types of tickets to the US Open and their prices provided by Championship Tennis Tours:

Grounds Pass —(Costs around $50)Grounds Pass - Arthur Ashe Stadium This is a great option for the younger, more adventurous fan or for someone new to the sport who just wants to take in the overall US Open experience.  While access to the Arthur Ashe or Louis Armstrong stadiums is restricted (especially in week 2), you have access to the Grandstand stadium and all the smaller surrounding courts, where seating is first-come, first-serve.  This way you can see many new players up close and move around from match to match.


Promenade Seats - Arthur Ashe StadiumPromenade —(Costs $50 – $675)
This is the upper level of the Arthur Ashe stadium, and is the perfect low-cost item for older fans or people who simply want reserved seats for the whole day.  The benefit for this item is the allure of the big-name players who often compete for the title come the later rounds.  However, these tickets also offer the free moving abilities to the outside courts.


Arthur Ashe Stadium - Aerial Grounds View

A view of the grounds from Arthur Ashe stadium. © Jtoolz, Flickr

US Open Seating Guide


Loge Rows A-F - Arthur Ashe StadiumLoge A-F —(Costs $165 – $1595)
Placed right above the luxury suites, these seats offer a prime view of the Arthur Ashe stadium at a fairly reasonable price.





Loge Rows G-N - Arthur Ashe StadiumLoge G-N —(Costs $125 – $2495)
A the higher level of the Loge seats, the view remains very good though these tickets are more similarly priced to Promenade areas.




Courtside Seats - Arthur Ashe StadiumCourtside Box —(Costs $395 -$7000)
The lower level seats of Arthur Ashe present the best way to catch the US Open.  Right up close to the action, you will see you favorite stars in the heat of competition (including their facial expressions!).  These tickets are expensive but definitely worth it for serious tennis fans willing to pay the extra dollar for the best experience.



All tennis tickets to the Arthur Ashe stadium also include the same access as the Grounds Pass, so you can see all the tennis action around the US Open.  We recommend arriving early to the grounds if you wish to attend matches at the outside courts in order to claim the best seats!  Note that the costs vary widely between early round sessions and the later final stages.  Also, the umpire and players site on the West Side of the stadium so keep that in mind when picking your seats.  If you need a final reason to choose Championship Tennis Tours to provide your US Open experience, all first week tickets will come with drink vouchers to the Mojito Bar Stand!

Here is a view of the stands and each area at Arthur Ashe:

Arthur Ashe Stadium - Grounds

The view from the roof of Arthur Ashe Stadium at the 2013 US Open. © AshMarshall, Flickr

Food Court - US Open

Food court at the US Open.

Arthur Ashe Food & Vendors - US Open

Food & Vendor Tents at US Open.

US Open Tennis Grounds at Arthur Ashe Stadium

See you on Center Court! – Mike & Robyn Bernstein


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