There’s no doubt that Wimbledon is the single greatest Grand Slam tournament held in professional tennis each year.  Set in one of the world’s greatest cities of London, England and with a history that extends further back than any other tennis tournament, this is the grand prize of pro tennis!  Set on beautiful grass courts, Wimbledon tickets surely don’t come cheap, but if you act early you can ensure that a Wimbledon trip will be in the works for you this summer!  Here are 5 reasons that you should purchase your tickets early:


Tennis has a home, and it’s Wimbledon’s Centre Court! (Photo Credit: © Rian (Ree) Saunders)

1.  You can save a bunch of money – As the Wimbledon tournament approaches, ticket prices are only going to go up, and depending on who reaches the final, such seats can become astronomically expensive if you wait until the last minute.  Just look at what tickets were selling for in the 2012 final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer!

Andy fans watching the final match on Wimbledon All England Club grounds.

Andy fans watching the final match on Wimbledon All England Club grounds.

2.  Planning a trip makes a better trip – It is a fact that you’ll have a better trip to England and Wimbledon if you plan well in advance.  Besides just getting tickets to the event, you will certainly want to see some of Britain’s many wonderful tourist destinations.  With full Wimbledon packages, Championship Tennis Tours can make trip planning a breeze!

3.  Avoid the brutal ticket lines – There’s no worse place to be at Wimbledon than stuck in one of their infamous ticket lines.  Your trip is only going to last a finite amount of time, so why would you spend it standing in line?  Get your tickets early and use your downtime to go sightseeing instead!

The brutal realization of the Wimbledon ticket queue!

The brutal realization of the Wimbledon ticket queue!

4.  Peace of mind – What’s even worse about the ticket lines at Wimbledon is that there is no guarantee of getting in!  You’re standing there stressing out over whether you’ll actually get to see some tennis and wondering why you didn’t just buy tickets earlier!


Wimbledon Centre Court view at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

5.  Make your plans definite – Once you purchase your Wimbledon tickets and get organized, you can relax and look forward to one of the greatest trips of your life!  You’ll be ready to go and happily awaiting your Wimbledon experience that will arrive much sooner than you think!  So stop thinking about you Wimbledon plans and start acting to make them a reality!

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