The US Open is one of the finest tennis tournaments on the globe, awarding players both high prize figures and a final chance at a Grand Slam title each year.  But in the last several years, clouds of doubt and frustration have surrounded the final weekend of the US Open.


This sight will soon be a thing of the past!
Photo Credit: © Jay Fuay

Rainstorms have pushed back the last 5 Men’s US Open finals, frustrating both fans and tennis players.  However, plans are now set to overhaul the Billie Jean National Tennis Center, including the Arthur Ashe Stadium, so that the tournament will actually feature two retractable roofs over the main arenas.  The other retractable roof will be placed over the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

With costs expected to be roughly $100 million, these renovations will certainly change the landscape and experience of the US Open, though it will most doubtedly be an improvement.  The US Open has managed just fine by dodging the rain up until recent times, but clearly last year’s delays were the final straw.  Tennis fans often attend the US Open for a weekend trip, and by pushing the final matches back to Monday, such trip plans can be ruined.  Additionally, the viewership on Monday in typically less which lowers the TV ratings.


The Wimbledon roof has prevented many a rain delay!
Photo Credit: © Barnshaws Metal Bending Ltd.

Fortunately, the new US Open renovation plans will help keep things operating smoothly.  As the roofs are set to be retractable, fans will still enjoy nice weather when the sun is out, but will be able to watch their favorite matches even when the rain comes out under a roof.  This is a great step forward for an already-incredible US Open, and should be finalized by 2018.

Juliana Hughes

Juliana Hughes

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