Other than the dominance of Serena Williams, American tennis has not found a new star to take over the women’s singles tennis reigns.  However, Sloane Stephens has been a bright surprise this year.  She famously defeated Serena Williams to reach the Australian Open semifinals, and has played well in other major tournaments too, reaching the Wimbledon quarterfinals.


Sloane Stephens is ready to fight for the US Open.
Photo Credit: © Robbie Mendelson

But for Sloane Stephens to truly capture the hearts of American tennis fans, she needs to make a big statement, and the US Open would be the perfect finale to her breakout year.

Stephens excels through her athleticism.  Able to run all over the court and also able to pack a mighty serve, the hard courts of the Billie Jean National Tennis Center should serve her well.  Additionally, her deep runs in multiple Grand Slam events in 2013 means that she can handle the intensity of a major tournament and all the pressure that comes along with it.  Here is a highlight of an impressive bit of skill by Stephens at Wimbledon:

But for Sloane Stephens to truly become an American tennis star, she needs to win a tournament first.  Leading up to the US Open are the Rogers Cup, the W&S Open, and the New Haven Open.  Although her first opportunity was lost today as Stephens fell in the Rogers Cup to Agnieszka Radwanska, Stephens will still be able to compete well in these other WTA events.  A win could propel her confidence to new heights.  Check out the Championship Tennis Tours website for tickets to all these events, including the US Open.

However, the real showing will be at the US Open, and if Sloane Stephens can make a serious run at contending, perhaps reaching the US Open Final, she will take that next step to becoming a major tennis star.  At the age of 20, Sloane Stephens could be poised for greatness at the 2013 US Open.

Nicholas Spiller

Nicholas Spiller

Nicholas Spiller has enjoyed the sport of tennis for many years.An enthusiast who covers all major sports, he finds tennis to be one of the most pleasant and inspirational games around to watch. He also spends his time as a musician in Los Angeles.
Nicholas Spiller

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