The practice courts at the US Open. Photo Credit: © Melodie Mesiano

The practice courts at the US Open.
Photo Credit: © Melodie Mesiano

Any trip can become quite costly when you start to add in factors like food, event tickets, and travel costs, but the experience of the US Open tennis tournament is entirely worth whatever you may have to pay.  Nevertheless, there are some ways to help keep your wallet in tact when attending the US Open.  Here are 5 ways to do so:

1.  Purchase a Grounds Pass – On the days when you don’t have tickets to a premier match at one of the larger stadiums at the US Open, you can purchase a Grounds Pass for as low as $49.  This will give you access to all the smaller courts (which have open seating!) and the practice courts, enabling you to watch all sorts of matches.  Extra tip:  Head to Court 16, where there seems to be an upset each year!

The Food Village at US Open - Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Food Village at US Open Tennis Championships.Photo Credit: © Upabreak

2.  Buy Food Outside the US Open – Backpacks and outside food are not allowed inside, so in order to eat on the budget, you should plan large meals for before and after you go in to watch the tennis matches.  While a nice dinner at Aces or Champions Bar & Grill is wonderful, they do come pricey.  Another good option is the wide array of flavors at the food village, which has slightly cheaper options that are still delicious!

3.  Take public transportation – Instead of renting a car or paying for a taxi, take the subway or use a shuttle to get to the US Open.  Not only is this a more eco-friendly way to travel, but it will also be quicker and more affordable.

4.  Find deals for extracurricular activities – Broadway show deals can be found at the “Hot Tix” stands in Time Square, while Championship Tennis Tours also offers great deals on other events like Mets or Yankees baseball games and Manhattan sightseeing tours.

US Open Tickets 2014

5.  Arrange a full package deal – Championship Tennis Tours helps spread savings to tennis fans through complete US Open packages, which combine all the necessary purchases into one with hotel reservations, discounted US Open tickets, and other exciting deals.  Be sure to book early and select great seats on Arthur Ashe Stadium with Championship Tennis Tours interactive ticketing!

NYC US Open Hotel - Four Seasons

From hotels to transfers, Broadway shows to baseball games, Championship Tennis Tours will make all your reservations. Photo Credit: Four Seasons NYC

Featured image credit: Lord TriLink.

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