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I hope everyone is doing well leading into the holiday season. My favorite holiday of the year Thanksgiving was rough on the body this year. I’ll skip the details and I’m not pointing any fingers…Let’s just say adding pistachios to the mashed potatoes was a bit overkill.

Was very glad to see Roger bring his “A” game to London and take out a very tough nemesis in Tsonga in the finals of the ATP World Tour Finals. Tsonga has had Rogers’ number in the past but wasn’t able to stop the Swiss express. I feel like Roger’s shown he’s clearly going to be a factor in the top three for the next few years. I would like to see him hit that 20 major titles mark before he wraps things up it won’t be an easy feat, but I think he’s up to it. It will take a focus on fitness and strategy to get there. Playing best of 5 is another animal. He’s going to need to shorten up the points, and avoid the 4 and 5 set matches. Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray, all in their mid 20’s will only be more of a threat. Federer blew that match against Djokovic at the US Open this year, and quite realistically could have take out Nadal at the French had he not blown that early 5-0 lead in the first set. No use crying over spilled milk though. Keep in mind, Connors played a semi final at the US Open at 39 or was it 40? So there could be more than two years left for Fed and more chances to hit 20 majors. Anyway, this leaves Federer as certainly back in the tip of everyone’s tongue in thinking about the leading contenders to take home the 2012 Aussie Open title. Which we’ve coincidentally got a few spots still left! 

The ATP World Tour finals has really taken off after a few dull years out in Shanghai. As an American, I’d love to see the event back in the States, but I think London is probably the right spot for the year end event. Its the most visited city in the world and it’s certainly a media circus in London which the sport needs. Too bad Murray lacks a personality to get behind. He’s an amazing talent but jeeze louise, “hello…I’m Ahnnnnday Murray. I’m going to put you asleep.”

Some rights reserved by Chris Boland

Some rights reserved by Chris Boland

As for CTT, we’re planning the relaunch of our website, http://www.tennistours.com which should happen sometime in the Feb timeframe…..tons of enhancements, it should be solid. The site will be making it much easier to get to the meat and potatoes of your booking process and including a bunch of exciting features. By the way, if you’ve got an iPhone, try out our new app, “tennis ticket” in the iTunes store.

For the US Open, you’ll now be able to choose from a Standard or an Interactive Map view when making Individual Ticket purchases. With the interactive view, you’ll be able to see exactly where the seats are located on Arthur Ashe Center Court. Meanwhile with the standard view, you’ll continue to be able to view prices for every session and level throughout the tournament with the the ability now to select from a Side, Corner, or Behind the Server view from each level. Hopefully we can pull this all off but it’s looking good. Otherwise for the US Open we have added the sensational Four Seasons New York as one of the two featured properties along with the W Hotel Times Square. You’ll have two exceptional hotels to choose from.

For Wimbledon, we’re now offering accommodations at the Hotel Savoy, a five star London property. So in addition to the Hotel Ibis in the Earls Court area which gives you quick access out to Wimbledon, you’ll be able to kick back at one of the most famous London 5 star properties if you so choose.

On a personal note, my little Julian, now 2 years and 4 months, is out on our court almost every day making solid contact with the ball. If all goes well he’ll be ready to join the tour just in time to fill the gap when Nadal is ready to sail off into the Majorcan sunset. No pressure, Julian… 🙂

So keep your eyes open for some great Holiday deals on 2012 packages to hit your in-box in the coming days. We’ll have gift certificates that you can customize to any amount to offer the tennis nut in your life an experience they’ll never forget.



President, Championship Tennis Tours

Michael Bernstein is president of Championship Tennis Tours. He may be reached by e-mail at mike@tennistours.com or visit www.tennistours.com.

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